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Caregiver Stress Checklist

When caring for someone with a life limiting illness you may be putting your own health at risk. Your journey as a caregiver will include many twists and turns, and at times can be stressful. Because your loved one depends on you, your health and well-being are important.

Feelings to consider on your journey…

  • Feel like you have to do it all yourself and/or that you should be doing more?
  • Withdraw from family, friends and activities that you previously enjoyed?
  • Worry that the person you care for is safe?
  • Feel anxious about money?
  • Fell anxious about healthcare decisions you are being faced with?
  • Having difficulty accepting the impact of the disease and its effects on your family?
  • Feel grief or sadness that your relationship with the person is not what it was in the past?
  • Get frustrated and angry when the person with dementia continually repeats things or stories?
  • Having you developed your own health problems that are taking a toll on you mentally and physically?


If you are experiencing a few, or many of the above feelings, please feel free to contact your local Grace Hospice for ideas on how to gain support.



"Our family is very grateful and impressed with Grace Hospice. We knew we made the right choice keeping our mom at home when we started the services of Grace. Not only were the nurses and aides exceptional but Pastor Don was like one of our family."


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